Fatmax Xtreme Fubar 3

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Multi-purpose demolition tool made of one piece forged steel with a sledge hammer face, ripping hook and a textured grip. Weighs 8.5 lb.

Product Details

Diameter:1 in
Finish: Powder-Coated
Handle Material: HCS
Handle Type: Textured
Head Size:6-3/4 in
Length:30 in
Material: HCS
Tip Material: HCS
Tip Size:2 in
Tip Type: Beveled
Weight:8.2 lb
Width:35.8 in


-4-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending and striking jobs
-One-piece forged steel bar for durability
-Board-grabbing jaw sized for 2X lumber
-Beveled nail slot for pulling nails
-Textured grip for excellent comfort and control
-Heat-treated and tempered striking face helps prevent chipping

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