Southwire 12/2NM-WGX25 Type NM-B Sheathed Cable, 12 AWG, 25 ft L, Yellow Nylon Sheath

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Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 deg C, 600 V. Solid strands. Outer jacket is PVC, rated at 75 deg C. Amp rating of the product is limited to that for 60 deg C rated conductors per the National Electric Code Article 336. Dwellings not exceeding 3 floors above grade. Exposed or concealed wiring. May be fished through walls, ceilings and masonry blocks. Use for new wiring or replacement wiring. Only for use in normally dry locations. UL listed.

Product Details

Conductor Size:12
Number of Conductors:2
Conductor Material: Copper/ASTM B3 and B8
Amperage Rating:20
Voltage Rating:600
Insulation Type:19 mil Thickness PVC
Jacket Type: Nylon
Jacket Color: Yellow
Temperature Rating:90
Standards: ASTM B-3 and B-8 Specified | Federal Specification A-A-59544 and National Electrical Code/NFPA 70 Standard and REACH/RoHS Compliant and UL Standard 719/UL 83 (Conductor Construction) Listed
Special Features:410 X 179 mil Cable
Usage: For Both Exposed and Concealed Work in Normally Dry Locations


-SIMpull jacket designed for easier pulling
-Color-coded jacket

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