DAP 18744 Spackling Paste White, White, 7 fl-oz Tube

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DAP® ALEX PLUS® spackling is a premium spackling for filling holes and cracks in surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood, brick, metal and stone. Its ready-to-use smooth, white formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs that will not crack, crumble or flake. It has a desired texture for excellent tooling and easy smoothing to a feather edge. ALEX PLUS® Spackling sands effortlessly. It can even be finger sanded - no sandpaper needed when sanding small nail holes or hammer dents in drywall. Just use finger to smooth dried spackling before painting. ALEX PLUS® Spackling provides superior paintability. It does not flash or gloss low sheen or flat paint. It accepts paint like bare drywall or other porous surfaces and provides a very smooth surface that disappears when painted. ALEX PLUS® Spackling dries quickly, but has a long working time and will not gum up on knife.

Product Details

Applicable Materials: Metal Stone Wood
Application Method: Putty Knife
Base Type: Latex Oil
Color: White
Compositions: Limestone Quartz (SiO2)
Container Type: Tube
Density:1.88 g/cc
Flammability Rating:1
Flash Point:100 deg C
Form: Paste
Net Content:7 fl-oz
Odor/ Scent: Slight Ammonia
Package Size:7 fl-oz
Package Type: Tube
p H Range:7 to 12
Temperature Rating:50 deg F
V O C Content:36 g/L


-Professional strength repairs
-Fill in one coat - won't sink or shrink
-Great paintability - won't flash paint
-Exceptional durability
-1 year shelf life
-1 to 5 hrs dry time
-Shrink and cracking resists


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