ENCORE Plastics 50640 Paint Pail, 5 gal Capacity, HDPE, White*

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ENCORE pails are molded from a low melt HDPE to ensure the impact strength. ENCORE's quality pails provide high standard shipping capabilities, eliminating the danger of product contamination or loss. ENCORE pails are widely used for paints, coatings, varnishes, water sealants, concrete patching compounds, asphalt coatings, printing inks, soaps and detergents.

Product Details

Capacity:5 gal
Color: White
Height:49.0 in
Length:49.0 in
Material: HDPE
Suitable for: Model 50000 53000 53000B 50400 50700 50800 82124 82136 Lids
Thickness:0.7 mil
Type: Industrial
Width:39.5 in


-White pails are food-grade
-Each pail is designed with reinforced Saturn rings around the top to prevent distortion when carried
-Uniform wall thickness for stacking strength
-Tapered design for easy separation maximum storage and shipping cube

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