Klean Strip GAC18 Acetone Thinner, Liquid, Characteristic Ketone, Sweet Pungent, Clear, 1 gal, Can*

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Klean Strip Acetone is the product to reach for when your projects require very fast drying times and you desire great results. Strong and fast-acting, Klean Strip® acetone is a highly effective thinner and remover for polyester and epoxy resins, ink, adhesives, contact cement and other specified coatings. It thins and cleans fiberglass resins, so it's an effective cleanup solvent for fiberglass projects. Klean Strip acetone will also remove excess fiberglass resins and foreign material from solvent-tolerant surfaces. Highly versatile, Klean Strip acetone evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and cleans up dried latex paint, uncured lacquers and label adhesives.

Product Details

Boiling Point:133 deg F
Compositions:Acetone (2-Propanone)
Container Type:Can
Density:6.572 lb/gal
Flammability Rating:3
Flash Point:0 deg F
Net Content:1 gal
Odor/ Scent:Characteristic Ketone Sweet Pungent
Specific Gravity:0.789

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