MARVEL MM85R1 Air Tool Oil, 32 oz Bottle

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We added to the original MARVEL Mystery® oil to create a specially formulated tool oil for use in all piston type and rotary air tools, as well as in-line air lubricators. MARVEL® air tool oil prevents rust formation in air tools while providing positive lubrication for smoother starting, longer lasting tools. MARVEL® air tool oil assures the maximum performance of your tools by dissolving gum and sludge that reduce tools speed and power.

Product Details

Compositions:Petroleum Distillates (Hydrotreated Heavy Naphthenic) Petroleum Distillates (Stoddard Solvent) Tricresyl Phosphate Ortho Dichlorobenzene Para Dichlorobenzene
Container Type:Bottle
Flash Point:128 deg C
Includes:Childproof Cap
Melting Point:-51 deg C
Net Content:32 oz
Odor/ Scent:Petrol


  • Recommended for use where tool use is frequent and prolonged and for use with all types of air powered tools
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