GENOVA 300 Series 435453/E30120 Extended Pipe Coupler, 2 in Slip Joint, White

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Used to join lengths of pipe. Conforms to ASTM D2466.

Product Details

Connection Type:Slip Joint
Length:12.66 in
Nominal Size:2 in
Pressure Rating:480 psi
Schedule Rating:SCH 40


  • Pipe diameters are the same as iron pipe
  • Solvent weld joints
  • Pressure pipe and fittings are for use in the distribution of pressurized fluids only, which are chemically compatible with the piping materials
  • Pipe produced to a Standard Dimensional Ration (SDR) has a wall thickness that is proportional to its diameter and all sizes have the same pressure rating, the pressure rating for Schedule pipe decreases as the diameter increases
  • Joins length of pipe
  • Dual-rated for pressure
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