Panel Rey Midweight Ready Mix Joint Compound - 3.5 Gallon Box

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This compound is made from vinyl adhesives and other additives, and is ready to use directly from the package, either manually or with equipment. It complies with Standard ASTM C-475, in accordance with ASTM C-474 Standard procedures.

The Midweight compound ensures adherence to the substrate, promotes quick drying, and is easy to apply.  Its properties make it ideal for treating joints and performing repair work or to give texture to interior walls and ceilings. Ensures protection against the growth of microorganisms during its shelf life and after application to the worksite when basic use and installation measures are followed.

  • Affix joint tape (1st and 2nd applications)
  • Treatment of accessories, such as corner pieces and edges
  • Patch and cover cracks and nail and screw heads
  • Give texture to interior walls and ceilings
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